A brief-focused therapy delivered through regular sessions over 9 months.

Ecotherapy, Nature Therapy, Ecopsychotherapy are all terms for a relatively new approach emerging from the Ecopsychology movement.

I offer a brief focused therapy module, comprising weekly sessions over 9 months. This can be appealing if you are wanting to focus on the climate and environment emergency (CEE) that we see in the wider world and our lives today. 

The aim of this approach is to find then acknowledge a connection between your personal trauma and the traumas inflicted on the planet by humankind. We help you move through denial, to awareness, acceptance, finishing with a move towards a resilient, sustainable type of personal activism, that connects with your personal history. 

The first part of the therapy is online, where we shall look at your personal history, traumas, your current relationship to nature and how you have been living with these. The therapy then moves outside where we work together at ways to embody and transform trauma, before moving on to building new connections to the natural world and building a new type of resilience. Then we conclude in a post-traumatic phase of growth, looking for your sense of meaning and purpose in relation to the CEE.

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