Andrew Jenkins

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Supervision


I recognise choosing a therapist can become tricky, with so many different theoretical approaches, specialisms, and claims to consider.

In my experience of over thirty years working with people in a caring capacity, and fifteen years as a psychotherapist, I have seen that what matters most is the quality of the relationship between client and therapist.

As therapist my role is to provide a safe and secure space, genuine compassion, resilience, and to notice what is really being communicated. Sometimes challenging, but always kind, we will work to bring understanding to what you find difficult in your life.

I consider myself an Eclectic Therapist. This isn’t the same as Integrative therapy, where several theoretical models merge, but one where I suggest which of several approaches we adopt based on your situation, and then we continue to work that way.

My core training is psychodynamic psychotherapy. I completed a four-year clinical and academic training with wpf Therapy, followed by trainings in CBT, EMDR, systemic constellations, and organisational trauma. I have also completed long-term personal psychoanalysis.

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