As above, so below

Ecotherapy, Nature Therapy, Ecopsychotherapy are all terms for a relatively new approach emerging from the Ecopsychology movement.

We live in a time where we have become increasingly distracted and disconnected from nature. When we try to contemplate the current state of the planet and the human impact on it, we can become overwhelmed; deep psychological defences are activated, often resulting in us continuing as before. For many this has become so normal that the problem is no longer noticed; but for some the time has come to address this and to make a change. So, what can be done?

Working with an experienced therapist, taking an Ecopsychology view, we work together to slow down so that you may truly feel the emotions and start to process them. This requires a sometimes challenging look at our own part in the problem, but in doing so we aim to make some changes in how life is lived, and so find some acceptance.

Maybe only then that we can move towards a place of taking meaningful action.

Sessions take place in person, online, and outside where appropriate. We talk and listen to what you are experiencing and learn how to work with nature to heal the disconnection.