Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Traditional open-ended psychotherapy, useful for understanding how your past relates to, and lives-on, in the present.

Simply put, working psychodynamically involves considering how you relate to yourself, and to others. This may include partners and family, friends and work colleagues, or to me, as your therapist. 

Sessions take place online, in person, or occasionally outside, at least weekly, over varying periods of time. As we talk, we listen out for patterns that you repeat in life (dynamics) and suggest what maybe blocking or inhibiting change (defences). Then, together we will consider what is helpful, and what you might change. 

These patterns maybe conscious or unconscious, expressed through your language, behaviours, thinking, dreams, and how you conduct relationships. And of course, how you feel. 

Experience suggests that we have our own solutions, but that they have become obscured by events in our lives. Working psychodynamically we will aim to build your psychological insight and resilience to bring about change and self-acceptance all with the aim to reduce distress.

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