Radical Psychotherapy

Radical Psychotherapy is the opportunity to work at the intersection – the shared space – of traditional collaborative psychotherapy, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, art, science, and technology. 

Experience has shown me that sometimes therapy can take a less formal approach. We work within the same professional boundaries of confidentiality and ethics, but we take a more fluid approach to session structure and content. For Radical Psychotherapy to be a genuine benefit for you we shall use our initial session to openly consider where you are in your life, the relationship you have to your past, and what for you, brings meaning to life. 

This is a talking and sometimes practical therapy, offered open-ended, so that we can both allow the therapy to roam through the naturally unfolding stages of your personal development. Along the way, I shall offer insights and ideas, and occasionally suggestions in ways to develop your natural interests. I am there by your side, but we shall always follow your way of doing things and way of understanding.

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