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Counselling, Psychotherapy, Supervision


This new approach in psychotherapy takes place whilst we walk together through the park, without the confines of a room. I bring the same levels of training, experience and insight into these sessions as I would during a traditional session, held in my consulting room. 

We will spend the first session exploring what you need and both agree how best to proceed. We shall also agree how we manage confidentiality during sessions, should we, for example, cross paths with someone either of us knows. 

We walk and talk, and in hearing your past story and current circumstances we shall look for patterns in how you relate, in what causes you distress, and in what brings relief. In doing so we aim to build your resilience and insight into your own inner world, and how you conduct relationships. 

Therapy is one of the few times of the week you truly have for yourself, so it’s better not to have the distraction of your dog or children when we meet. This is a gentle walking therapy session, not an exercise class, but you will need to wear appropriate clothing, and bring water. 

Sessions are weekly for 50 minutes, and at the same time each week. 

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