Ready to slow down,
ready to look

Therapy is an opportunity to examine your life, the choices you have made, and consider the changes you might like to make. Whatever brings you to therapy, we will work together to make sense of what you are experiencing, and to see what may help.

Sometimes people start therapy due to considerable distress bought about by a life-crisis: the end of a relationship, a bereavement, an assault, or a serious illness. There may be more persistent states such as anxiety, depression, obsessions, or self-harm.

There may be a more general dis-ease around. A sense that something just doesn’t feel right, maybe a more prevailing sense of dread or worry for yourself, a relationship, or the planet.

Increasingly over recent years, I find people come to therapy out of concern and anxiety around the state of the planet, climate crisis, and worries about what this means for their children, or whether now is a time to have children at all.

Therapy is a commitment and may seem daunting, but it is one of the few places in our busy lives that is just for you. You can say and think through whatever is on your mind, in a truly non-judgemental and enquiring space.